12 May 2012

Second practice day

It supposed to be blue day today, but we had a small number of cumulus
clouds with cloud base up to 7000 feet and lift up to 6 kts but with
very large area of heavy sink.
Most pilots made first three turn areas and didn't go to through last one
as chances for land out was high due to high clouds moving very fast in
task area.
Practice days ended and contest will start tomorrow.
Weather is not cooperating and it looks like two or three days we
will be on the ground.


11 May 2012

First practice day

We had great ridge day today, I finished 4 points behind day winner with
the speed of 154 km/h ,but it doesn't count as it is just practice day,
not only for us but for tandem skydivers as well.
Tomorrow second practice day, but no ridge.


10 May 2012

US 15M Nationals


I arrived with my crew/wife Maria in Mifflin PA three days before
contest to have opportunity to fly ridges. We had excellent ridge
weather today and I did 1073km Out and Return flight with average speed
149km/h. I declared turn point Tazwell airport instead Tazwell N and I
was forced to leave ridge and use thermals to claim turn point, on
return thunderstorm cut way back and I had to wait 5 minutes until
storm and rain passed. There was a lot of turbulence and in some course
sections wind was up to 50km/h
Total OLC distance was over 1250km

Up coming contests - The training plan

As we prepare for the Worlds in Uvalde each of us has scheduled a few contests to fly during the next few months.

All 4 team pilots were in Perry for the Region 5 North contest, the kick-off of the US contest season.

Jerzy will be in Mifflin 11 -22 May for the US 15 m Nationals

Nick and Derek will be in Ionia 25 May - 2 Jun for the Region 6 North contest

Dave will be in Cordele 28 May - 9 Jun for the MGSA cross-country camp followed by the Region 5 South contest

All 4 of us will then fly the Canadian Nationals at York Soaring from 18 - 29 June.

After the Nationals, we will have about 3 weeks to relax and get to Uvalde in time for the unofficial practice days that start 21 July (official practice starts 28 Jul).

We will try to post updates from the contests as they happen this summer, and clicking on the links above will take you to the contest results and reports page where you can see the scores and daily comments.