18 May 2012

Day 4 US 15M Nationals

Blue day again today.
Very weak lift, we suppose to have a little ridge on Jack Mountain, but
it didn't happen and we finished task with very low speeds.
Speed wasn't important today, I received finish penalty for finish
below specified altitude. I was able to keep my first place.
Jerzy XG


17 May 2012

Day 3 USA Nationals 15M

We had blue day today most of the gliders stayed together, I was able to
escape from the group before last mandatory turn point and claimed one
extra TP which gave me slight increase of XC speed .
I won the day by 14 points . It looks that we will have couple extra
blue days like today.
Jerzy XG


16 May 2012

Second flying day

It suppose to be very good today
We had high cloud base up to 7500feet, but clouds didn't work and
approaching cold front cut some competitors from third sector .
Only 11 pilots finished today.
I finished forth and gained on second pilot, but I lost 100 points to BB
which recovered some points from day one.
I keep first place,but points difference is very narrow
Jerzy Szemplinski XG

14 May 2012

Day 2

No flying today, low clouds and a lot of rain.


Day 1

First day of contest was very challenging due to fast approaching overcast.
Area task was set for just 1h 30minutes.
We knew from the beginning that we have only 50/50 chance to finish task.
As soon start gate was open I started task and made 25km glide to first
cloud which was falling apart. Together with KS and XC we connected with
left overs of the cloud and get extra lift to connect to the next
falling apart clouds. I was able to find a little better lift and
escaped my companions and flew to second sector over sunny area with
some weak lift. Last thermal was 50km from finish and several ridges to
cross with no options for any lift.
I was able to finish task with just 150feet reserve above finish cylinder.
Only seven pilots finished task and large group of contestants landed
just 10km short of finish line.
I took first place for the day.
Brian Milner second Canadian pilot finished forth.
Brian made 2,000km flight breaking several Canadian distance records
just two days before contest.
Link to results