22 May 2012

2012 US 15M Nationals final results

We didn't fly in the last two days due to poor weather .
Overall results after 6 days didn't change and I won the contest .
By the USA rules I can't have USA Champion title , but I can be
the Winner.
I was able to keep a lead from day one and didn't lose
control of the game.
It was my second contest won this year, a good practice before
the Worlds.
Thank you Maria for crewing for me and providing beautiful
pictures for my blog.
Jerzy Szemplinski XG

20 May 2012

Day 6 US 15 M Nationals

We had four hours task today with trip to plateau where there is no much
fields to land, but conditions are much better. We had some Cumulus
clouds and cloud bases up to 7,500 feet MSL.
I was able to separate from the group of gliders and fly on my own rest
of the time.
I finished second for the day and increased separation from second and
third pilot keeping my first position.
It looks that weather will not cooperate tomorrow and there is small
chance to fly on Tuesday last day of contest
Jerzy XG


Day 5 US 15 M Nationals

We had very blue day today with very limited lift.
I had trouble to connect thermal after release and I started 10 minutes
later then most of the pilots.
I went to North West for 50km long glide to connect with the clouds .
I reached them at 1000AGL and was able to climb 6000Feet .
Then return glide without any trace of lift back to Mifflin where I
planned to connect with same thermal which I used for start,but it
didn't work and I had to use very weak lift.
I finished under time and lost 130 points but was able to keep my first

Jerzy XG