09 June 2012

Cordele Day 6

Guess what - rained out again on day 6 as the front moved back north.

We rigged, gridded and watched as the sky grew darker before pulling off the grid and heading back to the trailer.  At least today we were able to de-rig before it rained.

A couple of sniffers were launched, and all they found was about 100 ft/min to 2500 ft.  Both were back on the ground in about 20 minutes as the sky continued to darken as the thick clouds moved in.

Next contest - Canadian Nationals at York Soaring starting on the 20th.

08 June 2012

Cordele Days 3.4.5

We sat under the influence of a quasi-stationary front for most of the week.  Yesterday, a few people drove up to the Air Museum at Warner-Robbins AFB about 40 miles to the north and reported a sky full of cu while we sat under the murk of the front.

Today, the front sagged far enough south that we got in a really good day.  I won the day in 18 m with 69 mph.  At the back end of the second turn area, I was averaging 87 mph, but the into wind leg caused me some problems and I was down to 2500 ft twice.  The task speed quickly dropped as I climbed out of these holes.

There was at least one other glider in my class that did about the same speed, but he had some airspace issues.

We need to fly tomorrow to get a second day and make the contest official, but it looks like the front might wave back north and put us into the same air as we had all last week.

05 June 2012

Cordele Days 1 and 2

Yesterday it was supposed to rain and it didn't, today it wasn't supposed to rain and it did.  No flying yet and Wednesday doesn't look good.  Thursday looks like the first flying day and hopefully we can fly Fri and Sat as well for 3 out of 6.

It's better to be sitting on the ground wishing you were in the air than ...

03 June 2012

Practice Day

Today was the official practice day for the contest and I elected to fly another 300 km FAI triangle instead of the practice task.  The forecast called for 7 kts to 7000 ft and cu.  The north and east looked better on XC skies, so I set my task in that direction.

Once again, the weather was playing tricks and as I was rounding the first turnpoint and headed for the second, the sky was starting to fill in.  There were still some solid looking bottoms ahead, so I kept going, and by the time I reached the second turn, I was averaging 122 km/hr.  But, the sun to the south along my planned escape route was disappearing quickly.  I was now 60 miles downwind with a bad looking sky on course and even worse to get home.

I deviated into the brighter spots downwind of course and was able to keep airborne and moving along.  Eventually, the sun was shining to the west as the sky re-cycled, so I headed into the sun and was able to climb back up and head towards home.  Once I was within glide range of home, I decided to carry to my last turnpoint since there were some cu on course.

I finished my task at 89 km/hr, a huge drop from the 122 before the sun went away!