18 January 2014

2014 Canadian Team Cross-country Soaring Seminar

The Canadian Team Cross-country Soaring Seminar will be held in conjunction with the SAC AGM in Ottawa this year.

When: Sat 1 March 2014
Where: Algonquin College - Ottawa (more details on location later)


SAC AGM 9 - 11 AM

Team Seminar
    11 - 12: Pilot reports from the 2012 World Championships Uvalde and 2013 Junior Worlds Leszno - Dave Springford and Emmanuel Cadieux

    12 - 1: Lunch

    1 -2: Soaring Weather - Is tomorrow "the" day? - Joerg Stieber

    2 - 3: Field Landings - How much time is available and how do you use it? - Pierre Gavillet

    3 - 4: Finding and then optimising your climbs in thermals - Nick Bonniere

    4 - 5: Optimising your speed - What to do between thermals - Willem Langelaan

The Team Seminar is a fund-raising event for the 2014 World Championships in Leszno, Poland and the registration fee for the event is $40 with all proceeds going to the Canadian Team Fund.

Registration for the Seminar will take place over the Lunch break and cash payment is preferred for ease of accounting.

I hope to see you all there for a great day of learning!