25 April 2014

The Training has started - Perry Region 5 North

Jerzy and I are currently in Perry, SC for the Region 5 North contest.  This is typically the largest contest of the year and there is a full compliment of 65 contestants in four classes - Sports, Open, FAI (combined Standard and 15M) and 18m.

The weather has not been normal Perry racing weather, but we have flown and the conditions have been anywhere from challenging weak and blue to strong cu-filled sky. 

Both Jerzy and I have placed well each day so far and after 4 days of flying, Jerzy leads the 18 m class and after 3 days of flying I lead the FAI class.  For me, this contest is about knocking off the rust after taking the season off last year.  I also need to re-acquaint myself with my LX9000 and learn about all the new features in the latest firmware that I just installed.

The 27 that I will be renting this summer is the same glider I flew the last two times in Europe and it will be upgraded to an LX8080, so while smaller than my 9000, it will functionally be the same and I'll have no learning curve for the computer in Europe.

Today is scrubbed due to weather, but the conditions look favourable for our last flying day tomorrow.