12 May 2014

Region 5E contest - Bermuda High Soaring, South Carolina

Bermuda High Soaring was the organizer of Region 5E contest as part of the preparations for hosting the 18 m US National Championships in 2015 (http://bermudahighsoaring.com/index.html).

I flew in this area last year and I found the flying conditions to be very similar to conditions in Poland and I decided to use this as an opportunity to practice before the Worlds. Perfect weather was influenced by Bermuda High pressure during the whole contest. I was able to fly seven days in a row in different soaring conditions, from very turbulent blue thermals to a sky full of Cu's and rapidly cycling thermals under Cirrus clouds.

The Region 5E contest was smaller then Perry, but the weather cooperated fully and I had the opportunity to practice in different flying conditions each day. I won four days out of five and took first place in the 18 m class with a substantial lead over the second-place pilot. Canadians again finished at the top, taking first place in 18 m and 15 m classes. The 15 m class was won by Joerg Stieber, our 2008 and 2010 Worlds team manager.

Next week I plan to fly Region 2 in Mifflin, Pennsylvania, where the terrain and weather is different than in South Carolina, but flying in hilly areas will help me prepare for flying in Leszno which is just 100 km N of mountains which are part of the contest area and there is chance that the organizers will set tasks to the mountains as well.