18 July 2014

The Canadianization of PS

I spent the afternoon today working on PS and installed the Canadian Team logo on the tail of the glider.  Our good friend Sergei (well, actually - his wife) printed the stickers for the team gliders and cars.  If you need contest letters for your glider, see the contact info for SV Signs on the Sponsors page of the team website.

I also installed the Oudie cradle and wiring and otherwise Canadianized the instrument panel.

In the background of the picture you can see our Fiat Doblo.  It is a little cargo type vehicle with 120 hp diesel engine that, while if lacks in power. makes up for it in miserly fuel consumption,

17 July 2014

Arrived in Poppenhausen

Virginia and I have arrived in Poppenhausen and tomorrow we pick up the glider from Schleicher.  The trip was good with no missed connections and no lost luggage!

15 July 2014

Plans for day one in Leszno

 Folwark Mila located 10km from the airfield will be our home for three weeks. As the owner speaks Polish and French,  Dave will communicate with her in French and we will talk to her in Polish and team will use English.

All team members will arrive from different directions  late afternoon on Sunday
On the way from Warsaw to Leszno Jarek will pick up my glider from Ostrow Wlkp as the owner of HD is participating in Ostrow Glide contest till Sunday.
Ostrow is just 100km E of Leszno, but trip is on the secondary roads so it will take extra 2 hours for Jarek to get to Leszno
I will arrive in Leszno around 4Pm to meet with two our young Polish helpers Przemek i Michal from Bielsko Biala town where SZD gliders are made.
Dave will arrive from Germany with his glider in tow around the same time.

13 July 2014

Dave's Ride

I am renting the same ASW-27 that I flew in Lusse in 2008 and Szeged in 2010.  Here is a picture of me crossing the finish line in Lusse.

The glider is actually "PS", we had to change the contest ID in 2008 because someone else had already registered as PS.  This year we put our registration in early so it will stay PS.  Contest ID's are allocated on a first come - first serve basis at the WGC since it is quite possible to have duplicates from different countries.